Category: Web Development

  • How to convert MySQL database to Postresql on Heroku

    Here is my quick-and-dirty recipe for how to make the switch a Heroku app from MySQL to Postgresql with minimal downtime.

  • How to convert a Rails (erb) view to React (jsx)

    I’m rebuilding the front end of a Rails 5 project as a single page app in React. Here’s my “quick and dirty” search and replace approach to jump-starting the process. Comments HTML comments need to be converted to JavaScript comments. Search: <!– Replace: {/* Search: –> Replace: */} ERB Tags The dynamic content that was […]

  • You might not be designing a website

    If the designs you work with originate as Photoshop files that later turn into websites, there are a variety of symptoms that can be considered warning signs…

  • Running Rails with MySQL on Heroku

    It is not difficult to set up a Rails app with MySQL on Heroku if you know what to do, but there are a surprising number of “gotchas” that are not well documented.

  • Web Accessibility Lessons from Blind and Low Vision Users

    Approximately 10% of US citizens are blind or have some degree of vision loss. We learned some important lessons that we wanted to share.