How to wash a dog in the shower

The Prep

  • Place two towels by the shower. One will be for you and the other for the dog.
  • Close the door to your bedroom or anywhere you don’t want a damp dog jumping…
  • Bring the dog into the bathroom and close the door (to prevent escape).
  • Start the shower.

The Wash

  • If you also need a shower, then do it now before┬áthe dog shower begins, but don’t dry off because you’re getting back in.
  • Now bring the dog into the shower with you and close the shower door. (If you don’t have a shower door, I hope your dog likes showers)
  • Move the dog under the water to get wet.
  • Soap up the dog.
  • Move the dog back under the water to rinse off the soap. “Pet” out the soap by wiping with the grain of the hair. This works on the top and sides of the dog.

The underside of the dog is hard to rinse off in the shower if you don’t have a hand-held nozzle. If the dog is small enough, you can cradle the dog like a baby, pointing the belly, etc upward towards the water. If the dog is too big for this, it helps to hold a bucket under the dog with one hand and splash the water up with the other.

The Dry

  • Turn off the shower water.
  • Exit the shower and dry yourself off but leave the dog in the shower for a moment until it has finished shaking off most of the water.
  • Remove the dog from the shower and dry it off.